The purpose of this website is to help people pick their own way through the huge range of courses, materials and advice available in order to learn a language, or languages… without spending any money. It highlights the powerful new techniques that can guarantee progress from any level.


After over 50 years of intermittent language learning and teaching, I was interested to find out about the latest theories and brain research and explore what was available on the internet. The quantity and variety of language learning material…as well as the number of polyglots devoting much of their lives to acquiring new languages… was amazing! I decided to learn a new language to try out the advice and materials. It was really exciting to discover the effectiveness of totally different approaches from the ones I had used for so long. It became a goal to discover whether it truly is possible to learn at home and not spend any money. (It is!)

All the time spent searching and trying materials was great in one way, as it brought success…but there was also quite a lot of time and effort wasted on less helpful materials. I  want other people to know about great resources that may be low in the search rankings and benefit from what I’ve learned without losing so much time. I want them to bypass emotional blocks and experience the huge interest and satisfaction to be gained from learning a new language or improving one where they are stuck at a low level.

As a parent (and now grandparent), I also want to help parents wanting to support their own children’s language learning. The more we can understand speakers of other languages, the greater the hope for the future.

(Italian is my own beginner language, and my sister has started too. German is an improver language for me and my son. Spanish is another improver language for me as well as a friend. Later I want to upgrade my French, my original teaching subject. I have also researched materials for many other languages including those using other scripts than our own Roman alphabet. I’m planning to learn Hindi or Punjabi for family connections too and will create pages for these and others over time.)

Anything you want to add?

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