D) Speaking for Language Learning

Speaking is probably what learners fear most. Don't worry! You can speak like a native… and you can find conversation partners online! Here are resources to show you how...


A recommended language exchange website with some great… 

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HelloTalk App Review - Homepage Screenshot

HelloTalk App Review

HelloTalk is a brilliant free language exchange app for… 

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Why speaking can be a bad learning strategy

A lively case for early speaking practice rather than later… 

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How to Meet Native Speakers in Your City for Practice

Another helpful set of suggestions to enable you to find… 

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How to Find Conversation Partners? The Best Language…

Here's a helpful description of language exchange sites… 

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How facial expressions affect language education

We need to look our conversational partner in the eye! John… 

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How does ultrapolyglot Alexander Argüelles learn languages…

Conor Clyne, the "Language Tsar" interviews Professor… 

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The FORCE Cycle – Phase 1

Keith Swayne, the "Canadian Linguist", describes his… 

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How to lessen the negative interference of our learners’…

This blogpost on pronunciation is written for classroom… 

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Back-Chaining: The Cheat Code for Tongue Twisters and Hard…

Excellent demonstrations of what really is the most… 

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When Should You Start Speaking a Foreign Language?

A balanced article on the pros and cons of speaking early… 

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Why pronunciation is the most important part of learning a…

Idahosa Ness argues strongly for focusing on pronunciation… 

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Introduction to Articulatory Phonetics (Consonants)

One of three very clearly explained and illustrated videos… 

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How to practice effectively…for just about anything

A neat description of the best approaches for practising… 

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Hacking language learning

One of the most well-known names in language learning, and… 

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