H) Vocabulary Building Techniques for Language Learning

You haven’t got all the time in the world, so you want to acquire vocabulary in the most efficient and enjoyable ways possible. Here are the latest tricks and techniques to make learning easy and remembering guaranteed!

MagicLingua Homepage Screenshot


"Improve your language skills with smart flashcards and fun… 

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Drops homepage screenshot

Drops – effortless visual language learning

For iOS only, this visual language-learning app provides a… 

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MosaLingua homepage screenshot


This app is the one I keep recommending to other people.… 

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Living Language homepage screenshot

Living Language

A great flashcard resource for intermediate to advanced… 

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GOLDLIST METHOD for Beginners video screenshot


The very different Gold List method works for at least 2… 

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How to Build a Memory Palace

A detailed illustrated explanation of the Memory Palace… 

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Accelerate Language LearningTechniques

Accelerate Language Learning Speed with 2 GREAT Techniques

Using cognates and frequency lists can speed up your… 

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IWTYAL How To Learn Vocabulary Foreign Language screenshot

How To Learn Vocabulary In A Foreign Language – Part 1

Olly Richards explains the ART approach to learning foreign… 

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Make It Stick Summary

A very detailed summary of a useful book about “ how to… 

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Learn the 100 core words of ANY language

A list of 100 core words to translate and learn in any… 

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Learning Languages

Memorising techniques with Japanese word learning examples… 

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Is there a more efficient way to learn vocabulary?

Learning vocabulary by theme is challenged by surprising… 

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How to Use Visual Memory Techniques to Build a…

A great post with effective visuals from Yitzak Magoon 

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Singing can facilitate foreign language learning

Here's a short abstract of an article on the effectiveness… 

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How to Memorize Fast and Easily

Here's a brilliant video, one of my top favourites: "Take… 

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What New Memory Research Can Tell Us About Second-Language…

An intriguing blogpost by Angela Grant about research into… 

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The A to Z to Best Language Learning

Andrew Weiler's list of attitudes and strategies for… 

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Ted Ed Benefits Good Nights Sleep screenshot

The benefits of a good night’s sleep

If you want to train your memory, better create the best… 

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